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machineByte is a new event and commentary platform focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial markets

machineByte 2018 is the first conference geared to asset owners and asset managers looking to dive into how machine learning techniques are being adapted into models, explore systematic strategies applying AI and machine learning and tackle opportunities and modeling challenges surrounding cryptocurrencies.

We’re putting together a speaking roster of the top thinkers in the space, anchored by one of the founding fathers of the modern derivatives markets, Myron Scholes.

The event is curated by EQDerivatives which is uniquely placed to bring these people and content together. We already draw the leading investors and providers in alternative risk premia investing to our Global EQD (Las Vegas), Europe EQD (Barcelona), Asia EQD (Hong Kong) and Australia EQD (Sydney) events.

machineByte 2018 provides a forum to assess the impact machine learning is having on the performance of investment strategies. The conference will include presentations from the leading quants, portfolio managers and machine learning experts on areas including how deep learning techniques and natural language processing are being applied to systematic strategies. The conference will also host some of the leading Silicon Valley based tech innovators who will showcase the latest developments in machine learning and present on how differentmachine learning and AI techniques can be adopted in investment management.

Our program delivers a unique, detailed agenda with quantitative presentations and highly curated panel discussions of experts talking about their real world experiences in machine learning, crypto currencies and blockchain.

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay will provide cutting edge meeting facilities close to the heart of Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Quality accommodation and renowned farm-to-table cuisine — all within walking distance of the Mavericks surf spot.


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