About machineByte

machineByte will deliver education to quantitative professionals on the latest innovations and developments in machine learning in investment management and other industries, such as tech, healthcare, transportation and education.


machineByte will launch at machineByte 2018, a global machine learning forum, taking place on Dec. 13, 2018 at the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay in California.

The conference will feature the leading portfolio managers,data scientists and quantitative professionals from hedge funds, banks and pension fund managers recognized as thought-leaders in machine learning in investment management.

The event will also be a platform for the thoughts and views of machine learning professionals from leading Silicon Valley-based tech firms and academics.

For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, contact Rob McGlinchey mcglinchey@machinebyte.com or Peter Thompson thompson@machinebyte.com.


Coming in Q1


From supervised to unsupervised to semi-supervised to reinforcement learning, starting in Q1, machineByte.com’s Commentary service will deliver exclusive news, innovations and approaches at financial institutions, tech firms and companies across the whole spectrum of machine learning.

See exclusive content from the EQD edit team on the latest applications and strategies being executed and scoped by the top investor allocators and asset managers below (Password required): 

Artificial Intelligence For Systematic Investing

​Full A.I. Impact On EQD Market Still To Come: Squared-S

Artemis’ New Fund Callisto Combines Vol Arb With Machine Learning

Apache’s Machine Learning, Topology Combination Proves Winning Strategy

Options Markets Join Chorus Of Industries Mainstreaming Artificial Intelligence

Contact Dennis Kesolitz at kesolitz@eqderivatives.com for access.


machineByte Magazine

machineByte members will stay abreast of what their competitors, peers and clients are applying when it comes to machine learning, AI and blockchain.

machineByte Magazine will be delivered to members quarterly. It will focus on the latest trends and developments in machine learning in financial markets, as well as related industries, from the perspectives of quantitative professionals, data scientists, CTOs and academics.

Cover of machineByte magazine showing a robot-like head

Member Forums - ThinkTank

machineByte will run membership-only forums across the globe for professionals to discuss the latest developments and approaches within investment management. These ThinkTanks will allow members to hear from leading tech firms on the latest AI innovations.

Typical topics of discussion:

  • The growth of machine learning in trade execution
  • New forms of machine learning applications in investment management (benefits, risks, best practices, compliance, regulation, data quality assurance)
  • Porting tools from other sectors to financial services
  • AI ethics

To find out more about membership rates, contact Dennis Kesolitz Kesolitz@machinebyte.com

Research & Consulting

machineByte will provide research on the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial markets. The start of this effort will be a review of the landscape of this exciting new area of finance and portfolio management. machineByte’s The Landscape of Machine Learning in Financial Markets will cover usage among a wide range of financial professionals, firms and investors, including interviews with key participants.

machineByte will to use its market mapping methodology to map AI use in a variety of fields beyond financial markets, including tech, healthcare, transportation and education. As with EQDerivatives’ popular market mapping reports, this effort will take a deep dive in to machine learning being applied in markets across specific algos (i.e. neural networks, linear
regression, SVM).

machineByte will deliver independent, unbiased research and data covering machine learning in the financial markets which will expand to tech, healthcare, transportation and education.

To discuss machineByte’s research offering, or to request a bespoke research report, contact Patrick Fay at fay@machinebyte.com.

EQDerivatives & machineByte

machineByte is a platform from EQDerivatives, Inc., the premier provider of volatility derivatives and alternative risk premia news, research and event content for investors, portfolio managers and service providers.

From our offices in Chicago, New York, London and Sydney we connect and educate the leading thinkers and leading practitioners in innovative, modern institutional asset management.

The Founders

We want to hear from you.

Reach out to co-founders Peter Thompson at thompson@machinebyte.com in Chicago or Rob McGlinchey at mcglinchey@machinebyte.com in London.