machineByte provides research on the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial markets.

machineByte is already working on collecting data from hedge funds, asset managers and institutional investors on how they apply alternative data in their investment processes across research, portfolio optimization and implementation, how investors validate the data, how they avoid overfitting, what types of machine learning are being deployed and through which platforms. machineByte will also take a deep dive in to the selection process of alternative data providers, look at the challenges facing investors in applying alternative data and adopting machine learning, and areas of opportunity for machine learning ahead, across asset classes and across markets.

machineByte is also preparing research looking at how investors are applying blockchain and allocating to crypto markets.

For further details on machineByte’s research and data offering, and sponsorship opportunities across thought leadership reports, email Pat Fay, head of research, data and consulting at machineByte: