JC Bodson

Founder , Arbitrage Technologies

JC is a French national based in the United States specialized in High Performance Trading Technologies, leading the TradeTech – the new FinTech – movement in San Francisco.

Previously JC built two High Frequency Trading platforms, one was acquired and one went IPO. With a strong belief technology innovation should have a bigger purpose, JC founded Arbitrage Technologies. The mission of this visionary company is to design and provide the best software and network driven solutions accessing data and information with the highest performance to a broader institutional audience. The fast development of Machine Learning and AI combined with the availability of data creates new possibilities leading global financial markets into a new era.

JC started his career in Banking and Insurance, has 25 years international experience in Finance and Software Development and holds Masters in Engineering and Computer Science, Bachelors in Software Development and Computer Engineering. JC is the former CTO and Main Architect of Flow Traders (IPO), and former Software Engineering Officer at Arbitrade (Acquired by KCG/Virtu).