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Lucas Vuurmans

senior quantitative portfolio manager, Kempen Capital Management

Lucas Vuurmans is senior quantitative portfolio manager at Kempen Capital Management. Lucas has two roles within the team. Firstly, as a quantitative portfolio manager within the KCM Real Estate Team his responsibility is setting-up, managing and maintaining the property data infrastructure and adding new data vendors. Secondly, Lucas is responsible for the coverage of the Australian, Singapore, JREIT and Swiss property companies for the actively managed Real Estate Strategies.

Experience since 2014. Coverage: Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan (co-coverage). Lucas has a Bachelors in micro engineering (École Polytechnique Fédérale à Lausanne, Switzerland) and a master’s in applied mathematics (Imperial College London). He completed internships as a junior quantitative analyst at a Swiss hedge fund and a UK based investment manager.